I have only been running for a year and I would never have seen myself at a running club. However, I was made incredibly welcome by both Jodie and the other ladies who attend. Every week we do something different and Jodie ensures that there is something for everyone - whether you have been running for years or only a short time.



What a wonderful thing to do on a Friday morning. The group is friendly and encouraging and like most things in life running is more fun done in pleasant company. Jodie accommodates all levels of fitness so nobody is ever left out or behind and the sessions are varied not all road running. You are monitored for the whole time with constructive advice and real interest in your own goals. I've increased my fitness levels and really look forward to Friday mornings and the sense of achievement when I've done something I didn't think possible is uplifting Just come along and give us a try.



I feel I have come such a long way since first starting the running group Jodie has given me so much more confidence in myself, she has taught me so much along the way. I think the Friday class is great, I like the variation from being on the road to going on the field as it all helps build up your stamina for when you want to go out on your own. The group is very friendly and keep your motivation going.I would recommend Jodie's group to anyone. Clare


Jodie's running group is very unique and special. I started running with Jodie 2 years ago, having never run in my life. I couldn't run for a bus and was very wary of joining the club. On my first session I was made to feel really welcome and was put at ease immediately. Where am I now? Well, I've run a 10k race in under an hour and I am hooked! I have lost weight and feel the fittest I have ever felt...despite being nearer to my 50th birthday than my 40th! If you are sitting there thinking you cannot run and you are too shy to join us, don't be put off. We are a group of non competitive ladies who have a laugh, whilst getting fit...you CAN do it! Helen


‘I joined the running group at the age of 59, after taking part in the 3K,'The Race for Life' at Blackheath. At the end of it, I decided I wanted to be able to run the course the following year rather than walk it . Now in my 62nd year I have just completed the 5 mile National Lottery Olympic Run at the opening of The Olympic Stadium and was one of the lucky runners to be first across the finishing line... and yes, I ran the entire course! A once in a life time experience, only made possible by the encouragement and coaching from Jodie. Age is no barrier. Fran
Mel Brown

I am 43 years old and enjoy a glass or few of wine. I had never enjoyed running, however, I like to challenge myself in order to raise money for charity. On 25th March 2009, on the recommendation of friends I contacted Jodie, as in a moment of madness I'd signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2009. We met up shortly afterwards so she could review how I ran and discuss my goals. She then went away to formulate a strategy to take me from complete non runner to someone fit enough and capable of completing 13.1 miles. Over the next six months Jodie sent me weekly schedules. They ranged from speed work to short relaxed runs, from hill work to longer and longer distances. In return on a Friday I would send Jodie my weekly feedback of how the training had gone.


I was usually moaning about something or another but she'd respond quickly with a positive slant on what I'd said which made me think about it quite differently. I found that distance running is a big part mental as well as physical and Jodie managed to build both my confidence and my muscles slowly but surely. I found I was looking forward to my weekly schedules to see what challenges lay before me for the following week. On the 11th October 2009, I text her: "I DID IT, I completed in 2 hours 27 min!" The day after the half marathon everyone at work was stunned when I turned up feeling great and hardly aching at all. That was the quality of the training I'd had! I am absolutely definite I would have got nowhere near the start line let alone the finishing line without Jodie's training and support. I can't say a big enough thank you!.


Linda Davis 44

I really enjoy Jody's running group. It is good exercise as well as being fun. Jody likes to challenge us which is great as she is also very supportive and a great motivator. I feel a lot fitter and healthier since I joined the group.


Jill Hamilton 55

I joined the youngsters running, not thinking I would ever be able to run along side them. I never believed I could run, let alone that far! but enjoying every metre of it, and me who has senior moments! but lots of fun along the way with a fabulous group of girls. Jodie and the group have given me plenty of encouragement to achieve this, even to the point of doing a 5K charity run in Knoll Park. I have to say I was going to walk the last half K,(having already walked a couple of times along the way) but just as I got around the corner for the home stretch, there was Jodie on the hill shouting at me to keep going, (rather glad she did) she knew I could do it and gave me loads of encouragement to complete the run. thank you, running is great fun and you don't have to be a skinny young thing to do it, anyone can, believe me, I love it.


Sarah Thody 37

Before joining the group 6 months ago I was definitely a non-runner. Now I can't believe how far I can run, it is amazing how much you can achieve within a group environment and with the help of a coach. Apart from getting fitter, I also get some fresh air and a good chat!


I couldn’t believe how fast I ran!

This is the story of how Jodie helped me train for my first half marathon.

Back in August, having only taken up running in January, I happily put in my entry for the Folkestone Half Marathon, blissfully unaware of the training effort involved.  At the time, I was riding on a wave of optimism, since I had built up from nothing to completing 10K races, in what to me seemed surprisingly fast times.

I had managed to train for my 10K races with advice from friends.  However, while talking to them about preparing for the half marathon, it began to dawn on me just how much of a challenge running 13 miles would be.  What is more, my goals had changed – I originally started running to lose weight (I lost over four stones!) but in the meantime I had really got the running bug and wanted to finish each race as fast as I could.  Simply getting to the end was not good enough.  It was at this point that I got in touch with Jodie.

Invaluable advice

Jodie took me out for training sessions once a week for the seven weeks leading up to the race.  In between each session, she gave me running ‘homework’.  Having one-to one coaching with her was invaluable – apart from what you would expect her to teach, like learning how to stretch properly – she pointed out several shortcomings in my personal style.  For example I was making it harder for myself to run up hills by leaning forward from the shoulders instead of from the waist. It might have taken me years to have discovered these problems by myself, but a professional like Jodie can spot them instantly.

Jodie pitched each session at just the right level.  They were nearly always challenging, but always possible, so I got an amazing sense of achievement.  I especially remember her asking me to run one mile twice at a particular pace.  I did manage to do it, but she set me a fast pace and it was hard and I was very tired at the end.  Three weeks, later she asked me to do the same thing again, except I had to run the one mile three times, instead of just twice.  Remembering how hard it had been last time, I felt really nervous.  However, I was really delighted to find that my fitness had improved so much that I could run the three miles relatively easily.  Not only that, Jodie asked me to run the last 100 metres of the last one mile as fast as I could. I amazed myself again, because I thought I would not be able to go any faster, but I was actually able to sprint.

Race day

I finally reached the day of the Folkestone Half Marathon.  I was excited because I felt fit and well prepared.  The race was really enjoyable – most of it was along the prom and it was a clear sunny day, so I could see France as I was running.  And my time?  2 hours, 2 minutes and 25 seconds, which was about ten minutes faster than I was expecting.  I was delighted.

by Sheila Wilson    7 October 2007


‘I wanted to take up some form of exercise to lose a few pounds, get fit and have fun.  I didn’t have the time to fit in gym membership and make it worth my while, so I started running with an old pair of trainers.  I then decided to enter a 5km ‘fun run’ to set myself a challenge.  To help me achieve this I approached ‘personalrunningcoach’ for some advice.  Since then, nearly 10 months ago I have lost 35 lbs in weight, completed a 5km and 10 km and feel fitter, stronger and healthier.  Running can be a very challenging and rewarding way to get fit and stay fit - by working with a professional coach I’ve achieved goals I never thought possible’.

PT, Orpington (34)  July 2007

Want to run faster, run further or just get running ?

Then these are the things you need to know.

Always warm up (it only takes ten minutes!) This is often overlooked but the physiological benefits should not be understated. Firstly it raises core body temperature allowing blood flow to gradually leave your core and travel to the muscles. The muscles once warmed can stretch more easily helping to prevent possible injury.

One way to warm up is by jogging or walking briskly for about 5 minutes. You will know you are warmed up when you are breathing slightly more quickly than usual and sweating mildly. Ideally this will be followed by a range of dynamic stretches taking the appropriate joints through their full range of movement.

Studies have shown that by warming up, significantly less strain is placed on the heart during the exercise that follows.

There are also psychological benefits. It prepares you mentally and gets you in the right frame of mind for the run ahead.

Always vary your training sessions This applies to everyone, regardless of experience. For example if you are aiming to run a half marathon and can train three times a week. You should have one long run per week building toward the race distance, a speed session e.g. 3 x 1 mile with a minute rest between each repetition and a mid distance session. These sessions will change over the training period tapering over the last few weeks in preparation for race day.

If you are not preparing for a race it is still important to have variety in your schedule. It prevents boredom, allows you to learn about pace and adds timing flexibility to your schedule with speed sessions taking less time.

Always cool down (this takes ten to fifteen minutes!) After training, your body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure will all be higher than normal. The aim of cooling down is to gradually return these back to normal. This avoids excess strain on the heart and helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) as well as adding extra muscle flexibility and strength in readiness for the next session.

Start by jogging or walking for about 5 minutes. Then static stretches should be performed with particular attention being paid to the most heavily used muscle groups. During static stretching it is vital that you maintain good posture and limb alignment and the stretch should NOT be held for more than 30 seconds. This is also a good time to review the training session either by yourself or with your coach.

Links To Recommended Coaches

Swimming Coaches

Swimming lessons for children in the Bromley area


Ladies Running Group, Bromley
Thursday 10.00am – 11.00am

Norman Park
Hayes Lane, Bromley BR2 9EF.

Meet in the car park, Hayes Lane entrance.

Due to recent interest from ladies in the Bromley area I'm looking to start a running group at Norman Park.

This is a ladies only running group and is not a competitive running club. The group caters for ladies who don't currently run and novice runners who wish to use running for fitness.

Each session concentrates on different aspects of running e.g. speed, resistance, endurance and technique. All activities are undertaken as a group (no one gets left behind) and will be coached by me.

A free trial session is available to all. If you think you may be interested please Contact Us

  • We run in all weathers!
  • The group is ladies only (please leave other halves, children, pets and MP3s at home).
  • The group runs during school term time.
  • Course fees are paid on a half term basis and are due in full on the first session.
  • ...or you can pay as you go, costs more per session but may be preferred if you can't make every week.
  • Session : £4.50 - paid per session.
  • Course  : £3.50 per session when paid in advance

Please Contact Us with any questions.

Ladies Running Group, Orpington
Weekdays* 9.30am – 10.30am

Goddington Park
Goddington Lane, Orpington.

Meet in the car park next to
the tennis and basketball courts.

Come and run with a friendly bunch of ladies who run for fitness & fun.

This is a ladies only running group and is not a competitive running club. The group caters for ladies who don't currently run, through to novice runners who wish to use running for fitness.

Each session will concentrate on different aspects of running e.g. endurance, speed, resistance and technique. All activities are undertaken as a group (no one gets left behind) and will be coached by me.

A free trial session is available to all new comers, so if you're not sure then come along and see if you like it.

  • We run in all weathers!
  • The group is for ladies only (please leave other halves, children, pets and MP3s at home).
  • The group runs in school term time.
  • Course fees are paid on a half term basis and are due in full on the first session.

Please Contact Us to book your place or ask any questions.

* please enquire for details of the current training days.

Personal Coaching

As a coach I will provide schedules designed specifically to meet your needs. These are emailed on a monthly basis and with your feedback the schedule will develop to ensure your training is as effifcient as possible, avoiding wasted miles.

If you are a lady living in the areas listed below then you can also book individual sessions. These can be used in conjunction with a written schedule or be one off sessions targeting particular areas such as technique.

*Surrounding areas; Sevenoaks, Bromley, Orpington, Chelsfield, Petts Wood, Bickley and Chislehurst. Please email for further clarification.


If you wish to book an initial consultation please contact us. If you would prefer a telephone call response please include you telephone number

About the Coach

I am a Level 2 UK Athletics coach specialising in endurance running as well as coaching individual runners I also coach athletics in schools.

I competed for Bromley Ladies AC at middle distance track events, cross countries and road runs for 16 years.

For the last 8 years I have concentrated on road running, cross country and have successfully completed a number of triathlons.

Price List

Ladies Running Group

Personal Coaching


No liability for injuries or illness is accepted.  Your exercise program is entered into entirely at your own risk.  Please consult a medical practitioner before engaging in any physical activity.

It is your responsibility to decide whether you are fit and well enough to participate in each of the training sessions and you should not do so if you are unwell or injured.  And that in any case you will only train at your own risk.

Contact Us

To discuss a training programme or book an initial assessment please send an email to:


For all other queries please use the same email address.

NB: every effort is made to respond to emails within 24 hours, but please bear in mind that due to coaching commitments this is not always possible.


For Children aged 5 - 11 years

Keep kids on the go and offer them a chance to try something new. Using soft play indoor athletic equipment these parties involve a whole variety of running, jumping and throwing games. The party starts with a few warm up games and then moves on to events such as javelin (it's okay they're made of foam), long jump, hurdles and relays. The party finishes with a presentation of awards. Each child receives a certificate and prizes are awarded for technique as well as winning.

Each party is individually designed and will take into account various factors, including the number of children, their age and the space available. Parties can be held both indoors and out.

There are 2 party options: 1 hour £90 or 2 hours (incl ½ hour for tea) £150.